Where to see Troy’s Art next

The    Story    Keepers,    Elsie    Randall    and    Troy    Little    are    showcasing    their    Aboriginal    Art    work  once    again    during    the    107th    Clarence    Valley    highland    gathering. “This    will    mark    a    historical    event    for    the    local    Aboriginal and    non    Aboriginal    people. It    is    a    time    when    Aboriginal    and    Scottish    people    can    share in    celebration    of    their    cultures    through    dance,    music    and    art.” says    Story    Keepers    Elsie    Randal    (also    a    … Continue reading Where to see Troy’s Art next

Troy Little

Troy has become a familiar name in Aboriginal Art.  His art work is displayed throughout Australia as well as over seas.  The artist’s main inspiration comes from his connection to the ocean and it’s marine creatures which he depicts with passion.  Little also teaches art classes and mentors Aboriginal juvenile offenders at Wacol Detention Centre.  He also participates in many community projects, cultural event exhibitions … Continue reading Troy Little